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Re: ntserver or linux???

At 15:19 12/08/00 +0530, vsnl wrote:

> can i have a linux server with win95
>clients? will it be advantageous to switch over?

In general yes and yes. An appropriate mix of Samba (for file/printer
sharing) Squid (for web/ftp caching), dhcpd (to auto configure your client
machines), a good firewall configuration (using ipchains) and possibly a
mail system is a much better alternative than an NT box. I tend to re-boot
my Linux file server about once every six months (basically whenever I make
major hardware changes or upgrade to a new kernel). 

The down side is that (unlike windows) it gives you fairly complete control
over what's happening on your LAN, this is a downside because it means that
you have to do a fair bit of learning in order to set it up, rather than
just having it default to what M$ thinks you should want. The best bit of
advice I can give you on starting out: Read the documentation for the
software I mention above, read the Networking howto's, and for goodness
sake set a DHCP server up on your LAN from the beginning (it may seem a
little complex, but it's not really very difficult and it's MUCH easier to
troubleshoot DHCP than it is to try to fix 20 or 30 separate client

Who is this General Failure, and why is he reading my hard disk?

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