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Re: rh 7.0 official release..

On Tue, Aug 15, 2000 at 01:47:12PM -0400, John Aldrich wrote:
: On Tue, 15 Aug 2000, you wrote:
: > USB backport support in the initscripts
: >
: Jason, maybe you can answer this or someone else on the list can...
: I'm considering purchasing a UPS which has a USB connector in there
: for the auto-shutdown. Will the USB support work with this (not
: concerned about the UPS monitoring software at the moment, just the
: USB support) or is the USB support for specific things, such as
: keyboards, mice, etc?

The answer, I suppose, is "it depends".  If the UPS is using the USB port 
as a direct replacement for an RS232 serial port, I don't see why not, since
the USB code directly supports RS232<->USB translators.

The USB support also works for keyboards, mice, scanners, printers and 
some other stuff.  See:


for more info..  One of these days when I get a few spare moments, I'll
update the megapatch (www.jasons.org/megapatch/) to include the new USB
code (I'm using the 2.3.51-ish build, rather than the 2.4.0-test2 code).

Jason Costomiris <><           |  Technologist, geek, human.
jcostom {at} jasons {dot} org  |  http://www.jasons.org/ 

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