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RE: HDD is doing what?

There is also a chance that something is swapping to disk as well.  This
could explain disk hits when nothing is being typed at the keyboard.  

Depending on the amount of RAM you have, and what is running, one of the
processes might be using some of the swap space on the HD in lue of RAM.
Being new to RedHat, I'm not sure what command you'd use to check SWAP
usage, but under Digital UNIX, it was "swapon" with an argument (-s I

Just a thought though...

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On Sat, 26 Aug 2000, Miroslav Skoric wrote:
> Gentle folks,
> I noticed a strange thing within RH 6.2 (the same I have seen within RH
> 6.1):
> Every 4-5 seconds, my hard disk drive is doing some short read/write (or
> else?) action, although I don't command anything from the keyboard, or
> mouse, and no particular computing is being performed (I could say the
> system is in idle condition). That short disk actions last for cca 1/4 -
> 1/2 second and repeat after 4-5 second of 'nothing' (pause).
> More precisely, that strange thing started after I tried to install an
> amateur radio software (both in tar and rpm versions) from the root
> account.
> Any idea what is going on here? How could I check and fix that?
The system is probably just synching cached stuff with the
version on the disk. There's lots of "disk noise" that goes
on in linux that you don't hear in Windows, because linux
caches as much as possible and often writes it to the disk
when possible, although I will say that SEEMS a bit much.

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