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Re: 7.0 "upgrade" pbs ...

I ran into this problem yesterday.  If your .config file is worth saving, rename
it and then do a "make mrproper", which will erase all relics of past compiles
from the source tree as well as any user-entered configuration information.  Then
do a "make [x|menu]config" and re-load your .config file from wherever you
stashed it.

Apparently the sources as packaged by Red Hat had been used to make an SMP kernel
before they were shipped.  Oops.

As for the /usr/include problem, I didn't run into it myself, and I've installed
RH7 on at least three machines now, all of them worked fine out of the box, so
I'm not sure what might have caused this.

Good luck,

Philippe Moutarlier wrote:
> Hi,
> on a regular basis, I try to upgrade RH and I almost always have to go back
> to the list.
> Here again, I have a pretty interesting pbs :
> 2 times I tried to re-compile the kernel after intalling the sources.
> Fist pb : installing the sources does not install the required links to
> /usr/include in order to be able to compile the source (???)
> Second pb : the source does not compile out-of-the box because there seem to
> be
> an incredible mess about smp being defined many times at some point or
> undefined at others.
> I am using a single processor machine, set the SMP option to "no" and get
> (after many warnings about smp stuff) the fatal compile error :
> smp_num_cpus undeclared
> Does anyone else could not compile the kernel out of the box and what am I
> doing
> wrong here ??
> Thanks
> Philippe
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