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Re: Moving /tmp

On Thu, Feb 03, 2000 at 10:41:41AM -0500, David Yates wrote:
> I just added a 13.6 gig drive to my system. Due to dwindling space on my
> 10 gig hard drive, I am wanting to move my  /tmp directory(on the /
> partition) 
> to my new drive (/mnt/drive2). is it possible to move the /tmp to
> /mnt/drive2/tmp, and then sym link back to /tmp?

I'd say it's a lot better to do the following:

1) Create new partition of the size you estimate to need for tmp on
   second drive
2) Mount new partition under a temporary directory, e.g. /mnt/drv2_tmp
   (or whatever, doesn't really matter)
3) Copy anything you'd like to keep from the old /tmp into the temporary
   directory (i.e. onto the new drive)
4) empty the old /tmp (careful: Make sure you don't have any unnecessary
   processes running which could still depend on stuff in /tmp !)
4) unmount the partition and remount it as /tmp

Voila - new /tmp on its own partition!
Note: You'll also need to edit /etc/fstab to reflect those changes, i.e.
add a line that mounts /dev/hdb1 (assuming your new drive is hdb and the
partition you want to use is the first one - change as appropriate to
reflect your system) under /tmp - you can use the one that mounts /usr
as a template.


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