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Re: Moving /tmp

* David Yates (DYATES perrigo com) wrote:
> I just added a 13.6 gig drive to my system. Due to dwindling space on my
> 10 gig hard drive, I am wanting to move my  /tmp directory(on the /
> partition) 
> to my new drive (/mnt/drive2). is it possible to move the /tmp to
> /mnt/drive2/tmp, and then sym link back to /tmp?
> Is this what I need to do? What bad might happen of I do this? Any other
> suggestions would be appreciated.
> My current partition table includes (rough estimates):
> /      200 meg
> /usr      4.5 gig
> /usr/local/      1.5 gig
> /opt      1.5 gig
> swap      256 meg
> /home      1.5 gig
> /mnt/drive2      13.6 gig

Why mount to /mnt/drive2/tmp and symlink?

Why not just mount it to /tmp ?

You don't *have* to mount drives to /mnt =)

That way, if you have a problem mounting drive2, /tmp will still be
writeable (even if only a few megs are available on that disk). If you
made a symlink, then /tmp would be dangling and trouble would ensue.

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