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Re: modem not found

There is a Pnp Howto out there, which I think is very helpful. I have an
ISA internal and I was able to get it work following that howto. 

Basically, you need to choose "non plug and play OS" in the BIOS. Then the
BIOS will configure the serial port for you, instead of leaving it to the
OS. Then when you start redhat, try to use "setserial /dev/ttyS?" to
figure out whether the modem port is detected.

My internal ISA modem works both in Linux and Solaris 7.

On Wed, 2 Feb 2000, Fernando Rowies wrote:

> I have a modem 3com/U.S.Robotics 56K FAX INT ISA PnP.
> The information that provides MS-Windows is:
> Port      COM 3
> IRQ       4
> Address   3E8
> UART      NS 16550AN
> Max. Vel. 115 Kbauds
> It's not a Winmodem, but is PnP, and I have problems
> to configure it. I try with Control Panel-Modem 
> Configuration, RH PPP Dialer and Kppp, with /dev/cua2.
> The last two apology "I cannot found any modem" and 
> "Sorry, the modem doesn't respond".
> Even I try with /dev/cua0, /dev/cua1, etc. It appears
> that for this modem doesn't be enough with "the easy
> way".
> Anyone can help me to configure it.
> Thanks in advance
> Fernando Rowies
> Monte Grande
> Buenos Aires
> Argentina
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