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RE: OT: Design Question: Storing web pages in a database.

I personally prefer this approach too (or any variation on the theme). You
really don't want to mix content and layout (and sounds like this is the
problem you are trying to solve anyway), and the templates allow
global mods from one (or a few) places. 

Obviously your content has to be suitable, but it often is.

By all means put your content into the database. I wasn't trying to say
don't use a database. I don't recommend putting graphics in the db though.


On Sun, 13 Feb 2000, Chad W. Skinner wrote:

> > Yes, but now updating the pages is harder than if they are on disk! Just a
> > counter point.
> I am in the process of writing a simple site (currently < 50 pages) and am
> using php, mysql and fast template. The reason I like this is no one I work
> with wants to update html code. I made a simple form into which they enter
> their information, the information is stored in the database and a new page
> is generated. Also, php (and perl) can use fast template to plug generic
> information into a template and so you can change 5-6 templates and redefine
> the whole look of the site.
> Just a thought (information on fast template can be found on phpbuilder).
> Chad

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