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Re: RH 6.2?

Adding new features in the kernel doesn't make a new distro interesting (won't
make people buy the new distro); it is, IMHO, the GUI conf tools that are
needed in Linux. I know that there are many, as I am using Linuxconf an
Webmin: great tools. But none seems managing ldap servers, well.
Now, what redhat should do is document its distribution a lot more (what is
disabled/not installed with each new distribution) and try to give an easy
administration tool instead of using a lot from other people's effort.
Also, it seems that "The various BSD-based network services (telnet, finger,
talk, rsh, ruers, rwall, tftp) have been split into client and server
packages". Well, I hope this will not end with a redhat workstation and a
redhat server separate distributions.

Fathi Ben Nasr.

Jason Pratt a écrit :

> Has anyone out there downloaded the 6.2 ISO? If so, what improvements over
> 6.1 have been made?  Anything new in the kernel?
> Thanks,
> Jason Pratt
> pailhead citicom com
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