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Re: GetRight for Linux? (was RE: Oracle for linux)


Why is this trend, to not use man pages anymore, growing stronger?

Or at least, more and more apps produces limited man pages that
initially claims to be out of date and incomplete. Why info pages?
What's wrong with man?

Best regards

Vidiot wrote:
> >On Thu, 17 Feb 2000, Martin A. Marques wrote:
> >
> >> On Thu, 17 Feb 2000, Ward William E PHDN wrote:
> >>
> >> > Is there a version of GetRight for Linux?  It's one of the few truly
> >> > great Apps for Windows that I would like to see in Linux that I thought
> >> > was still Windows only.  I mean, I know you can use wu_ftp, etc., but
> >> > GetRight just works so darn well...
> >>
> >> getright suxs alot. wget is what I use. If you want something more
> >> grafical, try caitoo (all this aplications can be found in freshmeat or
> >> linuxberg).
> >
> >Thats odd, I so man wget and I get a man page.. I can send it to you if
> >you would like.. Not sure if its the same version but at least its
> >something...
> >Jeff
> It would be out-of-date, as the latest version of wget doesn't have a man
> page.

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