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Re: gvim is too cool

On Sun, Jul 23, 2000 at 02:07:20PM -0500, Bret Hughes was heard to say:

> I've been using vi as my primary editor for the last two or
> three years that I have been messing with Linux, but have
> been using gedit some of late.  not real happy with it but I
> just found gvim , the gui version of vi it looks too damn
> cool!  Working on shell scripts gives some syntax
> highlighting, tool bar and all the power of vi.
> Is everybody else using this and I am that late to the
> party, or have I found a gem that has been hidden from all
> but the most curious or lucky?  Are there problems with it
> that I will find with use? I just found it and thought it
> was so cool I had to tell someone.  Sheese, I guess I am a
> geek if I get excited about a damn editor.  Maybe my wife is
> right after all. :)

Woops... I guess you have achieved "uber-geek" status...

Next thing you know you'll be participating in emacs vs. vim 
flame wars... I guess I'd have to leave during one of those 
since I use both... :-)

Chuck Mead, CTO, LinuxMall.com
csm LinuxMall com
GnuPG Public Key Available: http://pgp.ai.mit.edu/

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