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Re: OFF TOPIC@#$@# hrmmm jobs

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On 30/07/00 at 0:29 Michael S. Dunsavage wrote:

>I know this is kinda maybe wrong, but any way...
>I just graduated college with a Certificate in Netowrk and Internet
>I have a basic but firm grounding in  Linux.
>Firm grounding in windows 95/98 and DOS
>Firm grounding in Hardare.

Try here    http://www.justunixjobs.com      or somone said to me if you
live in the US   www.guru.com    is ok .....

>I'm wonderinf if any one knows of any jobs in their company.

I doubt anyone is going to just hand you a job ;-)

>I am workking on gaining my CNA and NT certs sooon.

don't forget Linux certs like RH's or LPI's   , I know that NT certs are a
dime a dozen...

I would be interested in hearing of places like newspapers and web sites
that may be sucessful for picking up contracts & remote work for
contactors. There is enough talent on this list (and others) to make a
great contractor database ( I keep saying to myself....if only I was in the
US.....you have a *BIG* headstart Michael)........Actually I am not sure
why I have not seen RH pull from this source over the years.


Greg Wright

IT Consultant Sydney Australia     PH 0418 292020
Available for Global Contracts   Int. +61 418 292020
web  http://www.ausit.com    e-mail greg  AT  ausit.com
Trading As -   AAA Computers, ITpro, Ozzie Soft, providers of IT services.

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