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Re: IPChains..

Duncan Hill <dhill bajan org> wrote:

I'm currently trying to decipher the IPChains howot, and other
assorted documentation, and am having a few difficulties.  The major
one is that my setup is nothing like any of the examples.  I have a
single ethernet card connected to the local net, which is in turn
masq'd to the real world.  There is also a passage in the firewall of
the network that gives my machine a direct route to the internet with
my own external address.

I'm trying to work out the rules that will allow outside connections
to only connect to ports 22 and 80, while still allowing the internal
network full access.  Unfortunately, the internal network is NOT one
of the network numbers assigned for LANs.

Has anyone got a basic rule or three that I can springboard off of?
Or are more details needed?

I think more details would be helpful:

Is your firewall doing static NAT for your Linux box? If so, is the externally visible IP address different than the one your Linux box is assigned?

Is your internal network using one of the range of addresses assigned for private networks or live IP addresses?



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