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Re: Leaving the computer on

"Tanner, Robby" wrote:
> Leaving the PC on, particulaly with today's advanced power management
> features, lowers the total cost of ownership (TCO).  One of the largest
> areas of failure is caused by hardware.  Of those, a large percent can be
> attributed to bad solder joints.  This occurs due to thermal fatigue
> introduced by turning the computer off and on regularly.  In comparison to
> the small amount of current that a PC in sleep mode draws this can lead to a
> considerable saving over the years.  Obviously, the larger the network, the
> greater the desire to lower the TCO of each individual machine.
> This is not to say that everyone should adopt the same practice.  Just that
> you should select the strategy that suits you best.
> Another reason to leave PC's on 24-7, is that they can be remotely
> maintained by administrative staff.

Is it possible to log into a PC which is in sleep mode ?  Will the PC wake up ?
Under what OS is this possible ? 

I wonder if the TCO is higher because you need to maintain the PC
out of sleep mode to do remote maintenance.

Paul R. Brandariz	    E-mail Internet: brandari lore kla-tencor com
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