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Re: Mail Problem

Ken Cole wrote:
> Redhat 6.1/Sendmail 8.9.3 (all out of the box install)
> I have set this machine up as an internet gateway, eth0 for lcoal
> network ppp0 for gateway, all working fine, can access net, browse, etc
> Created users, setup mail clients on win95 to use server as smtp and pop
> servers for outgoing and incoming mail.
> ipop2 and ipop3 were commented out in inetd.conf so I uncommented and
> restarted
> When I try and read mail from the client the following message is in the
> log file
> ipop3d[xxxx]: refused connection from xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
> what have I done wrong?

Inetd is refusing the connection. Most sysadmins set inetd to refuse all
connections by default, then accept connections for specific services
from specific hosts/networks.

Take a look at /etc/hosts.deny. It probably says ALL:ALL, which denies
all connections. It it doesn't you should seriously consider adding that

Your /etc/hosts.allow file should specify what services you want to
accept connections, and where you will allow those connecstions to
originate. In this case, you probably just want your LAN users to have
access to pop3:

ipop3d : LOCAL 192.168.1.

That assumes you use 192.168.1.* for your local IP addresses.

You will also need to allow them to use your box for outgoing SMTP. This
is a sendmail function you can change by editing /etc/mail/access
according to /usr/doc/sendmail-xxx/README.cf.

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