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Re: /bin/sh: cpp: command not found

Since you haven't gotten the right answer yet, here it is. cpp is the C
PreProcessor. If you gay gcc -v it will tell you what version of the
compiler you are running and what directory its spec file is to be
found. That same directory is where cpp will be found. Note that if the
input to cpp is a file, you can just invoke the preprocessor via gcc
-E. And in fact it's also fine to use gcc -E /dev/fd/0 if you are feeding

Write me if you need more info.

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On 25 Jun 2000, Margaretha Sulistyoningsih wrote:

=>Hallo everybody,
=>I tried  to run "make" in order to produce one java class (named IDCT.cla=
=>from a file which  is combination of java and c program(named IDCT.tmpl).=
=> The
=>results  are:
=>  gcc -o expand_const expand_const.o compute.o -lm
=>  rm -f IDCT.java
=>  ./expand_const IDCT.tmpl  | cpp | sed '1d' > IDCT.java
=>  /bin/sh : cpp :command not found
=>I thought I don't have cpp,  so I  try to install cpp-1.1.2-12.i386.rpm f=
=>R.H CD, but I got an error message saying  that =
=>   cpp-1.1.2-12 is already installed. =
=>I try to rpm -U, and I also got the same answer.
=>Then I try : =
=>  rpm -ql grep cpp-1.1.2-12 |grep cpp =
=>then I got these results:
=>  /lib/cpp
=>  /usr/info/cpp.info.gz
=>  /usr/lib/gcc-lib/i386-redhat-linux/egcs-2.91.66/cpp
=>  /usr/man/man1/cpp.1
=>My questions are:
=>1. Why does it happen (/bin/sh: cpp: command not found)??
=>2. How to solve this problem ?
=>For information : =
=>I  use RedHat 6.0.
=>Processor Intel Pentium II 350.
=>Thank you very much before for your answer.
=>best regards,
=>Get free email and a permanent address at http://www.netaddress.com/?N=3D=

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