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Re: Mount?

On Fri, Mar 03, 2000 at 03:21:10PM -0800, Jimmie Brandon wrote:
| I am trying to install Red Hat 5.1.  I start from my
| DOS promt and get to a point in the installation
| procedure where the followinh message appears.
|    "You must assign a root (/) partition to a Linux
| Native partition (ext2) for the install to proceed".
| Please help me.  I am a novice Linux installer.
| What must I do to complete the installation process?

This is probably just after the "partition the disc" phase.

You have to allocate a partition for Linux to live on.
Aside from specifying its size, you also have to mark it as
"Linux native" and put "/" in the mount point field.
This says
	- the data in the partition is in ext2 format (Linux's main
	  filesystem format) and is to be attached at the location "/"
	  in the filesystem (the top of the tree)

Step back to the disc partitioning dialogue and check these things.
You've run into a sanity check which is there to ensure linux
installs itself on the _right_ partition, and doesn't trash come
important data elsewhere on the disc.
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