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Re: What else did RH6.1 install forget....

>all of the time you spend complaining about it you could have done
>something productive to fix your problem..........the first step of
>getting out of a hole is to stop digging...

I'm just discovering that the hole is deeper with each feature that I used
to have under 6.0 that didn't come up under 6.1.  I didn't dig that hole.

I was in a situation that required a complete reload.  So I figured that
it would be a good time to go from 6.0 to 6.1.  Mistake #1.  I borrowed
the Linux 6.1 CD from a friend who had cut an image.  No manuals.  Mistake
#2.  Created the boot floppy and booted to the installer.  Ran auto.
Mistake #3.  At that point, there was no bringing up 6.0 to go out
to the RedHat site, as the 6.1 installer wiped it out.  So, I had to continue
with 6.1 custom.  I believed that the 6.1 installation would provide the
same level of installation support as 6.0 did.  Mistake #4.

The fact that the installation did not configure the printer port or the
sound card was certainly a hole that I did not dig.  That hole was dug
by the installer.  I would certainly like to know how it is my fault that
the installation didn't ask me to configure a printer or sound card.

I didn't have the time to sit down and fetch 6.1 documentation and study
it word for word.  I had a system that was down that had to get back up.
I relied upon the previous installs of Linux and what they did.  I did
not expect for the installer to do what it did and what it didn't do.

The 4.x, 5.x and 6.0 installs went so much smoother and better than 6.1.
Each newer version of RedHat Linux improved upon the previous install.
If it is my fault for expecting the same type of installation in 6.1 as
was provided in previous releases, I plead guilty.  IMHO, the 6.1 installer
was a step backwards in various aspects of what it did.

Needless to say, I will never trust another RedHat installation again.
And that is NOT what RedHat should expect.  They should gain more trust
from their customers, not less.  FYI, a RedHat customer is anyone who
either purchases any of their packages, downloads and cuts their own CD,
gets a RedHat CD from a third party or friend.  If it has the RedHat name
involved with it, whoever uses it is a customer.

It is a sad chain of events that led up to this.  I wish that chain of
events hadn't happened, but they did.

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