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RE: Problem with Redhat 6.1 server installation

On Mon, 6 Mar 2000, Darren Line wrote:

> I installed all the different types of installation (6.1), to see what the
> differences are but when I chose Custom, it did not ask me what packages I
> would like to install.  It should right??  So what did I do wrong?

  It seems obvious in retrospect, but it wasn't the first time I tried
it.  You should have come to a screen that looks like this:

----------------------| Components to Install |-------------------------

                Choose components to install:

                [ ] Printer support
                [*] X Window System
                [*] GNOME
                [ ] KDE
                [*] Mail/WWW/News Tools
                [ ] DOS/Windows Connectivity 
                [*] File Managers

                   [ ] Select individual packages

   If you check "Select individual packages" before you hit "OK", _then_
you get the following dialogue box:

---------------------------| Select Group |-------------------------------      

   Choose a group to examine               Installed system size: 293M
   Press F1 for a package description

           + [o] Amusements/Games                      3.2M
           + [o] Amusements/Graphics                   3.6M
           + [o] Applications/Archiving                0.2M
           + [ ] Applications/Databases                2.7M

  There should be around thirty groups.  Put your highlight bar on any
one of them, hit the spacebar (I think), and it expands to a list of the
packages in that group:

           + [o] Amusements/Games
           + [o] Amusements/Graphics
           - [o] Applications/Graphics
               [ ] dump
               [ ] lha
               [*] sharutils
               [ ] taper
               [ ] unarj

   Choose the packages you want with an asterisk, and when you've
expanded all the groups and made your choices, press the "Done" button.
The installer will then (unless you're more knowledgeable than me) 
list the packages you chose that have dependencies you didn't choose,
and ask if you want them installed also.  Naturally, if you're as
smart as me, you'll gratefully accede by hitting the appropriate
button, and then you can just sit back and watch the RH installer do
its thing.  I found it fairly mesmerizing (all three or four times
that I did it).  

  Before you get too impressed with my incredible memory, the above
illustrations have been copied from O'Reilly's _Learning Red Hat Linux_,
by Bill McCarty, although I don't remember seeing the "Press F1 for
a package description", which would have been really helpful if it was
there.  I used _The No BS Guide to Red Hat Linux 6_, by Bob Rankin,
which has a list of packages with brief descriptions in an appendix.  
His list didn't quite match the packages on the 6.1 cd I got from another
book, but it listed and described most of them in pretty much the order
that they appeared in the install menu.

  Hope this isn't overkill, but as a rank beginner myself I've found
that no amount of explanatory hand-holding is too much.

Dale Huckeby

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