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6.1 Install freezing after installing packages

New to Linux here, and I didn't see anything in the FAQ about this, so...

I'm trying to run through the RH 6.1 graphical installation from CD, and all
goes fine until the final package is installed.  At that point, the
installer freezes.  No CD access, no disk access.  When I move the mouse,
the CD fires up and a message box pops up stating that it is updating
configuration files.  After that, nothing ... the system is frozen (except
the mouse responds to movement).  When I reboot (power down and up), without
the boot disk, I get the prompt, "LI" and nothing else.  When I reboot with
the boot disk and step back into the installation program, it looks like the
partitions were created correctly.

I've tried to reinstall from scratch and do a default GNOME workstation
install, a default server install, and a custom install where I specify the
drive partitions myself (based upon knowledge I've glommed off redhat-list).
The below partition configuration represents that last attempt.

Any pointers on where I can go from here would be *greatly* appreciated.
I'm getting nowhere (and frustrated) due to my inexperience, and I haven't
found anything in documentation or on the web describing this problem.


64 M Ram
2 IDE drives:
/dev/hda (2.x gig Seagate drive):
	/boot - 16 meg
	/ - remainder of drive
/dev/hdb (1 gig Quantum Fireball drive):
	<swap>- 80 meg

STB Lightspeed video card
Apple Multiple Scan 15 Display

Eric Spencer
Software Developer
Getty Images

e:  eric spencer gettyimages com

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