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Re: Help!!!!!!

gchas freeuk com said:
> I've just got a serious problem in my Linux. I rebout my system, I
> login either as root or user the enlightment configuration starts and
> then I get only a blue screen! Not a taskbar, not icons. The only
> thing I changed were the permissions in /tmp. Any ideas???? Do I have
> to reinstal Linux?

You'll probably get more responses if you kill the html in your email.

As to the problem, hard to tell what's going wrong without knowing what
you changed.  What are the current protections on /tmp, and was it the
protections on tmp itself, or the files/directories in /tmp you changed?

Most likely, if you changed nothing else, all you need to do is restore
the original protection modes.


Rick Forrister                 <rickf crow jpl nasa gov>

"To get something done a committee should consist of no more than
 three people, two of whom are absent."  Robert Copeland

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