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On Mon, Mar 06, 2000 at 03:41:53PM -0800, Jimmie Brandon wrote:
> I just finished installing Red Hat 5.1.
> The computer has rebooted and it is asking for
> "localhost login:".
> In the installation process, earlier it asked me for
> a login and password.  I tried using the password at
> the "localhost login:" prompt, but the system wants
> another password.

Ok, judging from your description, I assume you're new to this "game",
right? If so, then first of all a hearty "Welcome!".

As for your problem: What you're seeing is a standard Unix login screen.
As Unix/Linux is a true multiuser operating system (quite different from
Windows 9x/3.x), a login always comprises of *two* parts: The so-called
"user" (with which you'r basically telling the machine who you are) and
the password *for that user*.

Now, right after install, there are no users yet, as they have to be set
up - by you. The only "user" that exists as per default is the "Super
User", called "root". The password the installation asked you for was
acutally for just this user, i.e. to log in, you should enter "root" at
the "login: " prompt, then the password at the password prompt.

IMPORTANT NOTE: root, being the Super User, has *all* access rights to
*everything*. Hence, root can do a lot of damage to the system if used
wrongly. Therefore, it is highly recommended that the first thing you do
after you logged in as root is to create another user account for
yourself and in the future use that one instead for day-to-day
work/operation. Only log in as "root" if you have to (e.g. you need to
change something in the system). The documentation that comes with Red
Hat Linux should describe how to set up a user. If you don't have the
printed version, you should be able to find the User Guide/Manual on the
CD or you can get it online here:

Especially, have a look at chapter 6 "What Do I Do Now?" and the answer
to you problem described above can also be found here:

This reading is essential.

I'd also *highly* recommend having a look at some introductionary books
for Linux. I can list any right now, 


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