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Re: DSL and Linux

On Wed, 8 Mar 2000, Dana Danet wrote:

> i am planning on implementing a server out of my house via dsl and i hear
> horror stories of users that know ip ranges given out by isp's and the scan
> them looking to get into boxes.  before i get my linux desktop and server
> configured for dsl what precautionary steps/implementations should i
> consider. i have a webramp 700s, has anyone used this device for a firewall
> to their linux network.

Just to be an alarmist, this happens with dynamic dialup as well. It takes
no brains and one wonders who would bother cracking a box on a dialup
line, but that is the state of the world today.

Anyone who has a box directly connected to the Net should take steps to
secure their box or be prepared to pay the price.

Bill Carlson
Systems Programmer    bill-carlson uiowa edu	|  Opinions are mine,
Virtual Hospital      http://www.vh.org/        |  not my employer's.
University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics	|

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