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Re: Is X freeezing on you too?

* Vidiot (brown mrvideo vidiot com) wrote:
> Since the install of RH6.1, in the past 24 hours X has frozen twice.
> I also have to hit the reset button, since it appears that COM1 has gone
> bad, so I can't hook up a terminal to it to log in and kill X.  I didn't
> know for sure until now that the serial port is bad.  It was giving me trouble
> when I used it to talk to the A/V 8x8 router that I have.  Hooking the
> terminal to COM2 works.  I hate having to press the reset button.  Guess
> I'll have to dig up an old ISA serial card and set it for COM1 and take out
> the internal COM1.
> Anyone else having X lockup problems under RH6.1?
> If this keeps up, I'll have to reload and revert back to 6.0, which didn't
> lock up on me.

It is conventional when reporting X problems to report your video card
and which X driver you are using for it.

It could be a driver issue.

Otherwise, certain badly behaved apps can cause this. Were you
running netscape at the time? It has a habit of grabbing input
(mouse/keyboard) then sitting in a neverending dns lookup and making
stuff look frozen.

What kind of freeze was it? Was it an input freeze (stuff still
displayed and unpdating, but no mouse/keyboard) a graphical freeze
(screen stops updating), or did it go black, or something else?

What were you doing at the time?

Just to say X freezes isn't likely to help find the cause =P

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