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RE: secure ftp

> ...You can do some port forewarding tricks to get normal ftp
> to work over ssh, but most people won't expend the effort to
> do something that's not automatic.  SSH V 1.x does not support
> ftp except as a foreward, but is available completely free
> through the OpenSSH project. ...

This is pretty much what I would like to find out how to do. You see I am
trying to figure out how to encrypt the passwords being sent via ftp, but
really don't care about the data as it will be mostly publicly available
webpages, but I want to reduce the risk of compromising passwords via

Do you know if configuring ssh is difficult? I've been reading about the
configuration and installation process, but have yet to try it. Also, how
hard is it to get ssh to forward a port on the server and am I correct in
thinking that I would only have to forward the ftp port and not ftp-data
since the data does not need encrypted?

> ... However, it does  have scp which will allow you to
> copy files, but I don't know how handy this is compared to
> an ftp type interface since I've never tried it.

I know this seems odd, but most of the users I will be dealing with are
windows only and are just getting familiar with computers. What I was
thinking is that I could make a handout on configuring ttssh to encrypt and
forward ftp connections to another port on the server and therefore allow
secure connections from outside our firewall. This would also allow the
users to use any graphical ftp program with which they are already familiar.
Anyone have any suggestions.


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