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RE: Upgrading Xfree86

I'm also new to this but I got threw it. I've got the Rage Fury 128 
also. Got mine going but it wasn't easy. I went to 
ftp.rawhide.redhat.com to the i386 directory then to RedHat and 
down to RPMS. Downloaded all of the XF*.rpms to my hard drive. 
I then browsed to /var/tmp ( where I downloaded to ) and ran
rpm -i-v-h --replacefile --replacepkgs XF*.rpm. I then got some 
dependincy errors but I just backed out and I reninstalled the files 
that the dependencies referenced by reinstalling from the Redhat 
6.1 rpms. There may have been one or two files that I needed to 
get off of the ftp.rawhide.redhat.com site other than the XF*.rpm's. If 
the rpm install references a file thats missing just go get that rpm 
that the file is in and install. Just a word of caution. If you have a 
working Linux setup with important files then you probably want to 
backup your setup. I was playing ( i.e. starting from scratch ) so I 
didn't have anything to loose.  
I ran XF86Setup after I got past all of the RPM install errors. Works 
like a charm.


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Subject:        	Upgrading Xfree86

> I need help upgrading my Xfree86.    I am running 3.3.5.   I have an old
> V-raptor card (agp) installed.    I need to upgrade to 3.3.6  and then
> install my Rage 128.   If anyone can give me some info or where to find
> info on the steps on how to do this.   I have tried to do the upgrade
> and then install my Rage card and met with disastrous results.   I am
> running RH 6.1.  With graphic login by default.   I am still very new to
> this so be gentle :-).
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