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RE: Need Help 'IP numbering' Home Network[ getting closer]

First of all I have to ask - what's happened to this list? It's pretty
sad when I have to try answer routing questions! Maybe you are all as
dumbstruck as I am that the Caldera IPO tanked.

Ok, Johnnio, lets take this one step at a time.

How about we get box 3 and 4 talking to each other, and then with 2. We
can deal with the rest once we get that working.

On Thu, 23 Mar 2000, Johnnio wrote:
> I have all IP#s/hostnames/aliases listed in /etc/hosts on all boxes 
> and entered as the gateway for  Boxes-3,4,5,
> But I 'cannot ping'   Box-3 ''   from Box-2 , 
> [ I get 'from hostname('destination host Unreachable' from
> Box-2/Linux]

lets see the output of route

> 'or ping from Box-3  to Box-2'.  [only Box-3 of Boxes-3,4,5 is connected
> currently]
> [I get 'timed out' when pinging Box-2 from Box-3]
> [Box-3 is 'temporarily' a Win-95 box]

same, but 'route print'

> I'm sure I'm overlooking something here. 
> Any guidance appreciated. Wish I did this more often.

Actually on both platforms, setting this much up should be effortless. As
long as your netmask is correct, it should just work.

C'mon gurus. step in here.


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