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Re: Printer / X windows conflict


from your 'rant' page, I see you have a HP Deskjet 520. (it would be best
to mention this when asking for help BTW).

Perhaps someone else with this printer can sen you their printcap file?

Yes it sucks you can't run printtoll without X. I can't offer any specific
advice there, other than to choose a generic VGA monitor settign and
*only* 640x480 to get a basic X session working (so you can use printtool)

Oh, and there should be updated X rpms all over the place. Have you tried


On Mon, 27 Mar 2000, Tony Pearson wrote:

> Friends,
> I need help.
> I'm in a catch-22.  Currently, I have recently installed Red Hat 6.1, but
> am using command line mode only, and without printer support.  I can't
> seem to configure my printer without X, and I can't configure my X during
> the install from the CD-rom because it doesn't have the latest drivers
> required for my video card.
> So, I have three questions:
> (a) Is there any way to configure my printer without having "X" running,
> using command line commands and the "vi" editor.
> (b) Is there any way I can get "X" windows running in a very basic VGA
> mode, so I can run all of these fancy "configurators" Red Hat provides
> that are unavailable from the command line?
> (c) Is there an "rpm" method of installing Xfree86 version 3.3.6?  The
> mirror site for Xfree86.org did not have any "*.rpm" files.
> Thanks!
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> Tony Pearson
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> http://www.users.uswest.net/~tonypearson/index.html
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