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Re: I'm confuzzed!

"Burke, Thomas G." wrote:
> 1)  Samba doesn't start on system boot up, I have to do it manually.  Looked

Rather than creating the symlink manually, use the program "ntsysv". 
It's Red Hat's newt-based sysv configation tool.  The best reason for
this (as I see it), is that if something is wrong with an init script,
it won't show up in the list of services and you'll know something is
wrong with that script.  It also makes sure that all of the appropriate
symlinks are in place, and everything is consistant.

> 2)  Got a preliminary IPCHANS script put together.  Interestingly enough,
> when I type "./rc.firewall", the machine comes back & tells me something
> along the lines of "file not found"....

Make sure the file is executable (chmod +x rc.firewall).  Also, the
first line tells the system what interpereter to use, so if the first
line is "#!/bin/sh", then /bin/sh will run that script.  Make sure the
file referenced in the first line of rc.firewall exists.

> 3) Just a question, maybe someone can answer....  is the rcX.d directories
> the best place to ensure that daemons don't run (IE DNS, NFS, or whatever),
> by erasing the SXX??? files, or maybe the actual files they point to in the
> init.d directory, or is there some better (nicer) way of shutting this stuff
> down these days?  Also, which ones should I be sure _NOT_ to turn off?

If you don't know how this works, then don't do it by hand.  Use
ntsysv.  To be sure that what is running is consistant with what you
think is running, you have to remove the SXXinit link, and create a
KXXinit link.


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