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Re: icmp: ip reassembly time exceeded ?

On Wed, May 03, 2000 at 04:06:08PM +0300, Claudiu Balciza wrote:
> I experience trouble with some inet connection
> Monitoring it with tcpdump I get: "icmp: ip reassembly time exceeded"
> What does that mean ?

Short answer:  Some node between you and your target is dropping IP

Long answer:   For whatever reason, you're machine is sending IP packets
which are too long to be sent in one piece and have to be fragmented
(broken into pieces) by a router in between.  If you're on a dialup line,
you need to lower your MTU so that you don't send such large packets...
try adding   mtu 600    to /etc/ppp/options.  As for why some of the
fragments are being lost: there's no way to know, unless you ask the admin
of the network your packets are being sent through.

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