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Re[2]: How do I create a restricted ftp account?

Hello Nitebirdz,

Monday, May 15, 2000, 5:21:08 AM, you wrote:

N> On Thu, 11 May 2000, Glen Lee Edwards wrote:

>> How do I create a restricted ftp user account?
>> This is for a webhosting server.  Basically this client wants to have
>> several users who can access different parts of
>> /home/httpd/html/theirdomain without having access to the entire domain.
>> I can accomplish this by setting them up as full users, but since their
>> only reason for accessing the server is for ftp I'd prefer to set them up
>> as restricted users.
>> RH 6.1

N> Can you simply set their shells to /bin/false, and their home directory to
N> whatever directory they need access to?  Or perhaps even better to leave
N> their directory here it is, and then make a link to the directory where
N> they are supposed to leave the files?  Maybe someone more experienced can
N> explain to both of us if this approach would be OK or not.  

N> In any case, the following document from the wu-ftpd site explains it all:
N> http://www.landfield.com/wu-ftpd/guest-howto.html

N> ---------------------
N> Nitebirdz
N> "Open source tries to move software from a witchcraft to a science.  People 
N> start discussing ideas and suddenly you don't have shamanistic companies 
N> telling you how it is."  (Linus Torvalds)

You should look into using proftpd instead of wu-ftpd.

Best regards,
 badger                            mailto:badger pongo org

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