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Re: Top 5 admin chores

At 09:55 2000-05-30 -0700, Spunk S. Spunk III wrote:
>I'm curious as to what some of the more experienced Linux gurus consider to
>be their top 5 favorite or most important duties when setting up a machine.

I'm not a guru, but I generally configure TCP-Wrappers and restrictions on
Sendmail first. Then I add other applications, user accounts, etc.

>They might be tricks or time-savers or security issues or whatever. For
>instance, when setting up a regular user for yourselves, what group and how
>high of a level do you make it? 

I make myself a normal user. I don't grant myself special privileges. It's
so easy to "su -l" that it's hard to justify granting special privileges to
my normal account.

>What do you always turn on/off? Most used
>admin tool? etc...

I turn off anything that's not going to be used. I run ntsysv in runlevels
3 and 5 and turn off anything that's not needed. I edit inetd.conf to
comment out unneeded services. Anything (except SSH) that enables remote
admin is the first to go. Other services are disabled unless specifically
needed for the machine.

My most used admin tools are vi and cron ;-)

 Anthony E. Greene <agreene pobox com>
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