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Re: Find IP for DSL

Alternative solution:


(You may want to encrypt what you put there. pgp and gpg are your
friends. ;-)


Rob Hardowa wrote:
> Hey all,
> I'm on a DSL line and I need to set up a temporary one time FTP server to
> have a co-worker transfer to me a very large uncompressed wav audio file.
> My quesiton is:
> Is there a way to find out my IP address so he can connect?
> Our DSL issues dynamic IPs.  I have tried a couple web based services but
> they always report erroneously...although they used to work, indicating
> our server changed something.  I also used to use speakfreely which
> reported my ip to the other user, but for some reason isn't now (and isn't
> an efficient method anyhow).  Is there a command line program, perl
> script or reliable service I can use to detect my current IP so we don't
> have to burn this thing onto a CD and transfer it through the mail?
> --

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