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Re: News Groups - Off topic

Is it because you don't use a dialup connection, or is it because you
don't use _their_ dialup connection?  A lot of ISP's limit connections
to their news server based on the source IP of the connection, so that
if you're abusive they know where to track you down.  You may be
familiar with a similar situation with SMTP mail routing: come in from
some IP address that they don't own, and they have no way of knowing who
you are or of responding if you don't behave yourself.

Anyhow, my first impulse would be to contact the ISP that your workplace
uses.  Most ISP's operate news feeds, and as long as you're on one of
their IP addresses they'll usually allow a connection.

If your workplace's ISP doesn't have a news server or won't play nice
with you, then things get tough.

One option is to switch personal ISP's in favor of one that will let you
make arrangements to read news from work.  The last time I switched
ISP's this was the reason, and the "new" ISP was willing to list my
office's firewall's IP address in their news server's "allow" file, with
my name as the contact.  There are other ways to accomplish the same
thing (like a user-authenticated server, which you mentioned already).

Other options probably exist but practicality begins to deteriorate
significantly beyond this point....


Christopher W Aiken wrote:
> I have RH 7.0 both at home and at work.  I use "slrn" to
> read several news groups, again both at home and at work.
> I had to change ISP's and now I can not read my new ISP's
> news groups from work because they don't authenticate users
> unless they use a "dial-up-connection".  I even tried
> placing a `nnrpaccess "hostname" "user" "passwd"` in my
> .slrnrc file, but no luck.  At home I have no problems with
> slrn because I have a "dial-up-connection".
> Are there any "free" news servers that I can use from
> the office?  I know about "Deja", but I don't want a
> "web based" news service.
> Any help??  Any advise??
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