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Re: Mail Clients: Reply quoting and vCards

On Sat, 18 Nov 2000, Wolfgang Pfeiffer wrote:
>I just opened pine in a shell ... seems not very difficult to 
>make it work ...
>But do I need an additional program to make it work (such as 
>sendmail or so ...) or is it (more or less) enough to simply put the
>usual email-related values into the pine config file, such as my 
>email-address, my ISP's addresses for his mail-fetching and -bringing
>machines and so on ...?

Sendmail is probably already installed, even if it is not running as a
daemon (server). But you can configure Pine to use your ISP's SMTP server
instead of your local sendmail. From the Main Menu, just go to
_S_ettings,  _C_onfig and look at the 3rd setting in the list

To retrieve mail, it's probably best to use fetchmail. Just setup a
~/.fetchmailrc file and run fetchmail when you want to download your mail.
I have a button on my panel that runs fetchmail in an xterm using this

  xterm -e fetchmail

My ~/.fetchmailrc looks something like this:

  defaults protocol POP3 fetchall nokeep mda "procmail -d LINUX_USERNAME"

That downloads all my mail, deletes it from the POP server, and uses
procmail to deliver it to my local Linux account, where Pine can read
it. Procmail also filters the mail into folders if you have any filters

Most people do not specify procmail as the mail delivery agent (mda) in
their ~/.fetchmailrc file. If there is no mda specified, fetchmail
delivers to the local SMTP, which means you will need to run a mail server
(sendmail or postfix) on your home machine. You can do that, but it may be
more work than it's worth. It's a lot easier to just specify procmail
using the "mda" option in ~/.fetchmailrc.

Even if you don't use Pine, I recommend setting up fetchmail and
procmail. You only have to do it once and any Linux mail client will be
able to read the downloaded, filtered mail. You won't have to setup
accounts, passwords, and filters for every mail client you use. You can
run fetchmail in daemon mode which makes it download your mail at regular
intervals. That's good if you have a constant connection. If you're a
dialup user, you can run your dialup as part of a cron job and include
fetchmail as part of the script. That way, when you login to your machine,
your mail is already downloaded and waiting for you.

The good news is that the fetchmail/procmail combination works well with
Pine, Mutt, Netscape, Balsa, and others.

Anthony E. Greene <agreene pobox com> <http://www.pobox.com/~agreene/>
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