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Changing gnome icon text color - HOWTO

Hi all...

I've finally figured out how to do this.  And after looking through deja

it appears that others are still looking for the answer so here goes.

Simply add a file to your home directory named:   .gtkrc.mine

Inside it put the following (tweaked to your desired color):

style "desktopIconText" {
    fg[NORMAL] = { 0.68, 0.59, 0.77 }

widget_class "*Icon*"     style "desktopIconText"

Then go to the control center themes panel  select an alternate theme
then select your desired theme and hit the "try" button.  This should
cause the theme thingy to reload it's rc files.

Some detail:

The current theme is controlled by your .gtkrc mime file.  Typically
just refers
to the selected theme in the control center.  But it also has an include
the .gtkrc.mine file in your home directory.  So we add the new settings

As a result.  These settings will apply across any theme that you select
in the
control center.

The string "desktopIconText" is just arbitrary.  Can be anything you
like but
it would be bad if it conflicted with a style name from a theme.

The fg[NORMAL]  refers to the normal foreground color of unselected or
moused over

The color tuple is R G B.  You can also have a hex representation.  Just
play around with it.

Note that the widget class that the theme is associated with is denoted
by a wild card
"*Icon*".  Since I don't know the name of the class that gmc uses for
the icons I just guessed
that it would say Icon somewhere in it.

Examples of what a style can contain can be found in:
/usr/share/themes/<theme name>/gtk/gtkrc

Hope this helps!


Gemteq Software

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