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Re: Matrox G400 dual-head & XFree86 (was Re: XFree86 -4.01a)

On Mon, 2 Oct 2000, Charles Galpin wrote:

> aah. Now this made the difference. Once I installed the latest mga driver
> I got it working! However, it kept locking up the machine. Even leaving
> the machine idle it locked up. I also tried switching back to single head,
> no xinerama and it locked up the machine.. I think I'm going to wait a
> while :)

Yep, unstable in my experience too.  Maybe XFree86 4.0.2 will have a
stable driver.  Until then, I've dropped back to one monitor  :(

> BTW, what is the best window manager for xinerama? sawfish certainly
> didn't like it. I switched to enlightenment, but it seemed like gnome was
> still trying to load sawfish as well. I tried KDE, but didn't really like
> it.

If you switch the window manager in GNOME's control center, there
shouldn't be any problem.

When I had two video cards installed (and had xinerama) I was really happy
with sawfish.  Maximizing would only fill one screen, and windows weren't
placed such that they spanned monitors.  What problems did you have?


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