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Re: Gnome login failure

On Mon, 2 Oct 2000, Miroslav Skoric wrote:

> Gentle folks,
> Recently I noticed a strange thing (not sure if it was documented here
> earlier). Well, whenever I try to login to my user's account into RH6.2,
> using GUI, after the password is entered, a GUI disappeared for cca half
> a second and returns back asking for username/password again (just like
> if I try to login for the first time). I don't know what might be wrong
> because when I use text login mode, everything works great. Btw, roots
> username/password (when entered wrong) don't behave like mentioned -
> they just note you that login was wrong so you should try again (but GUI
> remains intact). Any idea?

Try changing your session from the gdm menu. Gnome is probably trying to
restore an old session or a broken session and is failing, and dropping
back to gdm.

You should also check for error messages in the gdm logs. If you are
trying to start an unusable window manager or something, it should show up


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