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Re: RH 6.2 and Ultra 66 problem

Get the patch with the most recent date on it for the kernel you wish to
patch. You could also save yourself a little work, if you like, and
download the kernel RPMS from ftp://duke.eburg.com his are already patched
with all the latest goodies. They would be in
pub/linux/redhat-6.x-mycontrib/RPMS The current version there is 2.2.17

Good luck.

>On Sun, 8 Oct 2000, Michael McLeod wrote:

> I have been running RH 6.0 and used the setup scrip provided by Promise
> for 6.0.  I wanted to upgrade to 6.2 but the same script did not work
> with 6.2.  After looking for a while I found the method to use in the
> mini "How To for Ultra 66"  This worked fine. (It involved issuing the
> command "Linux ide2=XXXXXXXXXX
> ide 3=XXXXXXXXXXXXX before booting Linux).  I have successfully put this
> command into LILO so I don't have to enter it with each boot,
> everything seems to work well except:   RH 6.2 runs a LOT SLOWER!!!!
> than 6.0 did.  Is this the nature of 6.2?  Or is something else wrong
> which I need to address?  Or do I need to patch the 2.2.14 kernel? (if
> this is the case then I need some advise,  I have found a lot of patches
> supplied by /hederick/  but which one? and how to apply it?  I can
> probably figure out how to apply the patch but I am in the dark as to
> which patch to use.   So, any advise and direction would be welcome from
> You-Who-Know more than I do about Linux (I'm still very much a work in
> progress).
> Michael
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