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Re: Moving to a larger hard drive

I am an old time Unix guy, so for doing this I like the dd command.  It
gets everything and in this case you need not worry about different size
devices.  Something like:

dd  b=512 if=/old/device of=/new/device

Michael McLeod wrote:

> I have 2 hard drives one for windoz and one for LINUX.  The Linux drive
> is nearly full (1.5gb) so I want to replace it with a larger (10 gb).
> I want to make a small (1 gb) partition for Dos and the remainder for
> Linux.  I want to transfer Linux from the old 1.5 gb drive to the new 10
> gb drive.  I have seen in the past some discussion here about this.
> Would someone please either tell me about how to do this or direct me to
> some documents/books on how to do it.
> Thanks
> Michael
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