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Re: Help configuring home net with DSL [Partial solution]

OK, I got the problem with DHCP that I was having.

Recall that the DSL modem and all three computers in my home net are
plugged into a common hub.  The problem is that the DSL service 
provides DHCP to assign my "permanent" IP number.  When Windows
machines attempt to DCHP, the conflict between the DSL DHCP server
and mine causes the process to fail (even though the machines are
only attempting to renew an existing lease).  The Linux laptop
seems to be able to renew its lease sucessfully in spite of the 
conflict.  The only solution seems to be to have two physical 
interfaces on my server machine.  Meanwhile, I can unplug the DSL
modem while booting.

I still don't understand why the Linux laptop can't see out through
the masquerade.  The Windows machines now have no trouble with that
(once they have their addresses on the local net).

So again, the problem is that I am sharing the DSL network (my host
and the modem) and my local network (server and two computers) on a
single network card on the server.  The results of ifconfig and route
appear to be correct on the Linux server and the Linux client, but
the client doesn't seem to be able to use the server to masquerade.

My ipchains configuration (translated from an old ipfwadm configuration)

/sbin/ipchains -P forward DENY
/sbin/ipchains -A forward -j MASQ -s -d

Any help would be appreciated.  Will this problem go away when I 
interpose a computer with two physical interfaces as well?


		Matthew Saltzman
		Clemson University Math Sciences
		mjs clemson edu

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