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RE: US Elections - enough is enough!

On Thu, 19 Oct 2000, A bunch of people wrote:

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Well, since you people won't stop these political off-topic posts...

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The most important political question you can ask yourself is simply this:

Do you want smaller government?

Do you want an end to the welfare state, to government destroying our
health-care system, to government at all levels taking 47% of the national
income in taxes, to government intrusions into your life and your business?
	Do you want smaller government? Then stop supporting big
government! If you do want smaller government, the first step toward
getting it is obvious:
	You must stop supporting those who are making government bigger.
You can't go north by moving west. It's a physical impossibility. You can't
make government smaller by rewarding those who make government bigger. It's
a political impossibility. Only when you begin asking for what YOU really
want do you have any chance of getting it.
	Al Gore wants to make government bigger. He's proposed a long list
of new government programs.
	George W. Bush wants to make government bigger. He's proposed an
equally long list of new government programs to show that he's as
compassionate as Mr. Gore -- as though having government spend YOUR money
somehow demonstrates compassion.
	Pat Buchanan says he wants a return to constitutional government.
But he's made no specific proposals to reduce government, while proposing
to have government fix what he thinks is wrong with America. For one thing,
he wants to tell you what kind of car you can drive.
	And Ralph Nader wants to tell you whether you can drive a car at
all. But that's the least of his many plans to make government much bigger.

What Smaller Government Means

	Harry Browne is the only presidential candidate offering specific
proposals to make government smaller -- much smaller:

* Harry Browne wants to get the federal government COMPLETELY out of every
area where it's made such a mess -- health care, education, law
enforcement, welfare, foreign aid, corporate welfare, highway boondoggles,
farm subsidies. Not only are these programs unconstitutional, they do
tremendous damage to our lives.

* Harry Browne wants to make the federal government so small you won't pay
ANY income tax. (The tariffs and excise taxes already being collected are
enough to finance the constitutional functions of government.)

* Harry Browne wants to free you immediately and completely from the
continually bankrupt Social Security system. Harry Browne wants to sell off
government assets to finance private retirement accounts for anyone now
dependent on Social Security -- so you and I and every other American can
immediately stop paying the 15% Social Security tax. (Harry Browne believes
that YOU'RE smart enough to invest for your own retirement!)

* Harry Browne wants to end the nightmare of Prohibition by stopping the
insane War on Drugs. At least 90% of the invasions of your civil liberties
over the last 30 years have been justified by the Drug War. You may have no
interest in drugs, but the government still snoops in YOUR bank account,
monitors YOUR email, and claims the power to search and seize YOUR
property without due process.

* Harry Browne wants to restore completely your unconditional right to keep
and bear any weapon necessary to defend yourself and your family. We can't
end gun violence with new laws or by enforcing the 20,000 useless anti-gun
laws on the books now. The gun laws are the principal CAUSE of gun
violence, so we must repeal those laws.

* Harry Browne DOESN'T want to appoint Supreme Court judges who are
"strict constructionists" or who divine "original intent." Harry Browne
wants to appoint judges who can read the plain language of the Constitution
-- who understand that when the Constitution says "Congress shall make no
law," it means _Congress_shall_make_no_law_. Harry Browne wants judges who
will strike down government programs that are not authorized by the

	In short, he doesn't want to slow the growth of government. he
doesn't even want to stop the growth of government. Harry Browne wants to
REDUCE government dramatically -- to the limits imposed by the

What Freedom Means

Harry Browne wants you to be free to live your life as YOU want to live
it -- not as Al Gore or George Bush thinks you should.
	You're the one who gets up every morning and goes to work for 8,
10, or 12 hours a day. How dare politicians like George Bush or Al Gore
presume to decide how much of what you earn you should be allowed to keep?
	Harry Browne wants you to be able to keep EVERY dollar you earn
-- to spend it, save it, give it away as YOU think best -- not just the
crumbs the politicians leave for you.
	Harry Browne wants you to be able to use your own money to put your
children in a school of your choice -- private, religious, or home school
-- without having to beg the state for a voucher or plead with the Board of
Education for improvement.
	Harry Browne wants you to be able to use your own money to start
your own business. Or to support your church or favorite charity in a way
you've never been able to do before.
	Harry Browne wants you to be free. Harry Browne wants to get
government out of your life.
	Isn't that what YOU want?

How to Get to Smaller Government

If so, why would you vote for someone who's moving in the opposite
direction -- someone who's made it clear he intends to make government
bigger, not smaller?
	Harry Browne is the only candidate who's running solely for the
purpose of making government smaller. He's the only candidate who doesn't
presume to know what charities your money should go to, or how much of your
income belongs to the politicians.

How YOU Can Win

Can Harry Browne win? Probably not. But if you vote for anyone else, you
won't win either. Your candidate might win, but YOU won't get what you
want. Government will continue to get bigger, more expensive, more
intrusive, and more oppressive -- and you will have given your approval to
	No matter what your reason for voting for Mr. Bush or Mr. Gore --
to keep Al Gore out of the White House or to ward off the Religious Right
-- your vote will be interpreted as an endorsement of every big-government
proposal your candidate has made.
	Even though we Libertarians may not win this year, every vote we
get will be an endorsement, a statement, a declaration on behalf of smaller
government. No one can misinterpret a vote for me as a vote for more
	And if Harry Browne gets even one million votes, it could change
politics in America forever. It could cause the press to pay more attention
to smaller-government proposals, it could encourage other voters to abandon
the big-government parties, and it could attract millions of non-voters who
have given up on any hope of getting smaller government.
	Please don't let the old parties destroy your future by scaring you
into voting AGAINST someone this year.
	Raise your sights. Vote in a way that could lead to a free America
with a constitutional government before the end of this decade.
	For once, vote for yourself instead of a politician. Vote for
freedom. Vote Libertarian.

Harry Browne is the Libertarian candidate for president, and the author of
``The Great Libertarian Offer.'' His articles are available at

	#umount /dev/soapbox

Now let's please return to Red Hat Linux topics!

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

The penalty for laughing in a courtroom is six months in jail; if it were
not for this penalty, the jury would never hear the evidence.
                -- H. L. Mencken

	Would you like to be free from the income tax?
	Then dump your old party and vote Libertarian. 
	See www.HarryBrowne2000.org for more info

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