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Re: What architecture is an AMD k6?

On Wed, Sep 06, 2000 at 09:33:04PM -0400, Jake McHenry wrote:
> Linux is for Intel based chipsets, ie.. SIS, not RISC.

Which probably explains, why you can indeed run it on Sparc machines -
gee, didn't know that Sun uses Intel x86 CPUs... ;-)

But seriously: The type of the CPU has next to nothing to do with the
OS, especially not one that is available as source. There might be
hardware issues such as driver problems, I/O problems etc.pp., and you
might get into problems if you don't have a MMU (though some perople
were able to work around even that obstacle), but other than that...
That's the reason why Linux and the *BSDs are available on such a
multitude of architectures.


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