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Re: Installing 6.2 via ftp

bdoster home com wrote:

> I've not done this before, but may be following closely on your heels.  From
> what I've been told, you need to create a boot disk using the
> /images/bootnet.img file on the RH CD.  What I've yet to find is what
> utility is used to create the boot disk, and what needs to be edited in
> order for it to see your NIC.  I'm sure the info is out there though...
> bd

The redhat installation docs explain this better than I can.  It is a good idea
to download the new boot images from redhat or a mirror.  There have been some
fixes since the 6.2 cd was built.  I have never had a problem with the
bootnet.img disk finding and loading the correct module for a nic. YMMV of




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