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Re: How do I shut down these services

On Mon, Sep 11, 2000 at 05:20:19PM -0500, Jonathan Wilson wrote:
> >Get rid of any NFS server services running, but I think it also depends
> >on if the kernel's enabled with NFS server capabilities.  So it might
> >take a kernel re-compile to get rid of that.
> Does anyone know this for sure? Recompiling on this server is one thing I 
> DON'T want to do (it's on a remote server 100 miles away)

Er... if knfsd requires a recompile in order to shut it off, somebody somewhere
has definitely screwed up.

This from Documentation/knfsd.txt for kernel version 2.2.14, YMMV:

You have to install the NFS
service scripts. There are 2 in etc/redhat provided for RedHat 6.x.
They are tested on RedHat 6.1.

To me, this suggests that (as it should be) the kernel nfs server process is
controlled by some initialization scripts, just like any other daemon 
process.  Try doing this as root:

/etc/rc.d/init.d/nfs stop

...and then re-scan; if nfs is still on the open ports list, well I'm wrong.

> Um, I'm using inited for ftp (and until I get ssh working, for telnet) so 
> are you saying inetd needs auth? Or no. Does auth have anything to do with PAM?

Not directly.

Try having a look at the identd(8) man page for an explanation of what it
does.  You may want to leave it on.

Michael Jinks, IB
Systems Administrator, CCCP
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