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Re: Linux is More Secure than NT? Prove It.

On Fri, 15 Sep 2000, you wrote:
> I believe companies of alternative operating systems should buckle down and
> have their products rated by the NCSC to better compete with Microsoft and
> make us feel proud (and more secure) in using alternative operating systems,
> like Linux. Please email companies of alternative operating systems, like
> Red Hat, and tell them to get their products rated by the National Computer
> Security Center.

While I believe that obtaining a rating isn't such a bad idea, I wanted to
toss in my two cents :)

NOT obtaining a rating doesn't change a thing about the actual Linux
system.  It's still a great system...it's an unfortunate world we live in
when people and products can't stand on their own merit, but rather must
be graded and approved based on social acceptability.

For example, a school I attended offered Microsoft Certification.  Of
course at one point they turned out a few people that were worth a
fortune.  As soon as the program caught on they started certifying more
people worth less money until finally it was so popular they were
certifying more people than the market could hold.  So there were a bunch
of MS certified people walking the streets that couldn't get work. 
Although, and this may be akin to the Linux/NCSC topic, one instructor
remarked, "having the microsoft logo on your business card couldn't hurt."

Similar to the Linux OS, I know a few good singers who aren't
superstars...or even regular performing artists.  They exceed the
popularized talent by order of magnitude, but they don't want all the
recogniztion and expectation that comes with the fame and money.  Once you
hit it big you have requirements...a new album in so many months,
appearances, concerts, tours, benefits, awards....and you don't make those
decisions, they are made for you.  If you take 3 months off, a whole
industry is put out of work.

And on goes the analogy....there are great athletes who will never be
recognized because they didn't want to compete professionally or go to the
olympics....there are movie stars who, despite their hats in writing,
directing and acting, have never received an award....

While I don't believe it could hurt for Linux to have a good NCSC rating, I
think it's important to recognize Linux for the benefits where it stands
now, and from the rock it is built on.  Of course, it's current users
already do :)


Never forget what a man says to you when he is angry.

 This mail proudly composed and transmitted without the  
 interference of any Micro$oft products or protocols. 

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