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RE: I got plip working

"/etc/rc.d/rc.local" should be executed every time the system starts.  I
would suggest creating your own customizations script file (be sure to chmod
it so that it is executable) and include these lines in it.  Then add an
entry to "/etc/rc.d/rc.local" referencing your script file.  I suggest this
course of action because it gives you a customization point (your file) for
the system startup, but makes the smallest possible impact on the original
state of the startup scripts.

Jamin W. Collins
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Subject: I got plip working

I got plip to work by enter the following commands

 1) insmod parport
 2) insmod parport_pc
 3) echo 7 > /proc/parport/0/irq
 4) insmod plip
 5) ifconfig plip plip0 source pointopoint target netmask up

Now how can I make it start at boot time?

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