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Re: kernel headers missing

> I don't see the kernel headers for kernel 2.2.16-3 in Rh7 listing of files.
> All I see is 2.4 kernel headers.  Will kernel 2.2.16-3 compile with kernel 
> headers 2.4 ?

No. Kernel headers are pulled from the include directories from the kernel
source tree. If you have kernel 2.2.16-3, then you need the 2.2.16-3
headers. RH seperates the headers from the rest of the kernel stuff
because some programs compile against them (such as NASM).

I, personally, always have the source tree (from tarball format) located
at /usr/src/linux (unarchived of course). RPM, in my opinion, really sucks
when it comes to the kernel... that's why I don't use it in such a
case. Having the source tree there take care of things like the kernel
headers, etc... and since I like to be able to compile a kernel to suit my
system.. well you know what I'm saying :)


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