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Re: smbmount problem(selim)

If memory serves, user/password syntax is wrong. Check the manpage since I'm going from memory, but I believe the command should be:

smbmount //w2kp/shared_dir /mnt -o -U selim%selim

The -o flags everything past it as options to the smbmount command, and -U identifies selim%selim as user/password. I remember having a similar problem, and I think that's the syntax that worked -- but check the manpage anyway because my memory is frequently write-only.

-- Rob

--On 09/28/00 04:03:10 PM +0600 Selim Jahangir <selim swmc bangla net> wrote:

Dear All
I am in a problem with Samba. Whem i am going to mount a shared
directory in win2k prof from linux box I am getting the following

I used the command
smbmount " //w2kp/shared_dir  /mnt  selim%selim" here w2kp is win 2k
PC , /mnt is mount point in Linux ans selim%selim is the user and

The problem i see is
session setup failed
ERRDOS-ERRnoaccess (Access Denied)
SMB connection failed.

But i can mount from win98 pc , no problem. I gave full control of the
shared dir from win 2k Prof pc.

Help solicited from all redhat people.


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