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overwrote much of /etc.....

<br><br><br>Jack Byers     byersj hotmail com
big trouble and of course no backup..
ironically it was during a backup attempt that i messed up...

I have one rhat5.2 sys byers   my main machine and it is still ok
I have another rhat6.2 sys corni  (mainly my wife's)

Well I was trying to back up  my /etc dir of my 5.2 sys byers
by copying it over
to a  subdir under a username  on  my 6.2 sys corni
I used ftp as root  and  thot i had the right syntax
to get the files copied over to that subdir.

Instead,  the files were copied alright but to the rhat6.2 corni /etc
so it overwrote all files that had same name:

[root corni detc]# ftp -i byers
Connected to byers.pacbell.net.
Remote system type is UNIX.
Using binary mode to transfer files.
ftp> mget /etc/*
 --- using mget to copy files from byers to corni
 ---i guess i needed the proper subdir on corni  as 2nd argument
 --- i  didnt think this thru carefully, thot by running ftp
 --- from the desired subdir on corni  would  pull the files
 --- over to that subdir, but evidently not.
 --- instead it pulled the files over to  /etc on corni

full reinstall only possibility? or what?
I am not thinking too clearly right now...
any advice appreciated..

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